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Added "When You Lie Down With Dogs" to discography. Oct 28th

Added Instagram slideshow, May 1st

Brought the biography up to Dec 2012 with chapter 13. Feb 16th


Added "World Keeps Turning" to the discography and also the lyrics. Jul 10th

Added Brülbåyz lyrics. Apr 19th


Added photos from Norrköping 1995. Nov 2nd


Cleanup of the compilations section in the discography. Added "Roto Records". Dec 14th

Pictures from Peace & Love. Jul 11th

Updated the biography to April 2011. Moved "Madhouse Archivos Secretos" to confirmed compilations. Jun 24th

Added "Under the Radar" to the discography. Feb 25th


Heikki has shared a bunch of photos from the Svalbard adventure. Check it out! Oct 20th

"I wanna go home (Twenty-ten)" now in the discography. Oct 14th

Pictures from Linköping are up. Oct 5th

Added Kent's "Juletid i Göteborg"-single to the discography. Oct 3rd

Added "35 Years Bear Family" to Kent Norberg's discography, and "En Riktigt Trevlig Sommar Utan Regn Önskar Compaq" to the one of Speed of Sound Enterprise. Sep 19th

Added the four latest compilations to the discography. Jul 19th

Updated the tour archive with shows from 1996—2001. Jul 18th

Uploaded pictures from Hot Rat MC's summer party 2006. Jul 17th

More pictures from Sweden Rock Festival are up. Jul 7th

Pictures from Sweden Rock Festival are up. Jul 5th

Over 50 videos added to the video page. Lots of goodies including both Speed of Sound Enterprise videos, the Diesel commercial including "Long hot summer", Lardbyrds and much more. Also made a new official Sator channel on YouTube. Jun 3rd

May 31st
Social links added to the startpage.

May 23rd
New section is up - Press archive - where we try to gather links to Sator stuff published on the web.

Feb 3rd
Brand new pictures from Finland!

Jan 23rd
Updated the biography with all events from August 2008 to December 2009.


Sep 17th
Added two newly discovered old compilations to the discography – "Nordik Fnälö" and "The Sound of Scandinavia". Updated the tour dates archive.

Oct 1st
Uploaded two sets of live pictures of Sator Codex.

May 1st
Added "Leksands EP:n" to the discography.

Apr 20th
The lyrics to "Leksandslåten" are available now.

Feb 25th
The first chapter in the biography got a makeover, with nicer formatting, typos corrected and other minor fixes. Two pictures were added too. In due time, the following chapters will get the same treatment.

Feb 22nd
Uploaded three live videos from Hultsfred 92, and a "Ring Ring" from TV with much better quality than the previous one.

Jan 16th
Four new old stories have been published. This time it's the Basement Noise tour diary and the following release report that have been resurrected.

Jan 7th
Added the "In the press" section to the startpage. A list of links to articles about Sator. Feel free to contribute!


December 30th
A lot of changes today. The Stories-section was added. This will contain studio diaries, tour reports and other more or less in-depth articles about Sator-related events. There are currently five stories published but more are soon to come. Dropdown menus have been implemented, for faster navigation and better overview of the site's content. The discography has been split up into subpages, as a first step towards the deluxe version with album covers and track listings. Also, a new old compilation has been discovered and added to the discography – the highly imaginatively titled "Punk Rock Sampler".

December 7th
Added an old compilation to the discography: "Voll Auf Die Zehn!"

November 1st
Updated the biography and the tour dates archive.

October 8th
Added five compilations to the discography: Nercabbat, the Unnatural Axe tribute, Wild sound from the past dimension, Svensk Postpunk and EMA Telstar, Motor och Luger Sommar 2000.

September 2nd
A new section is up - Videos! Four videos to start with, and plenty more will follow.

August 16th
We've replaced the old forum with a new one. More and better functions, and no ads. Hope you like it. Try it out and tell us!

July 5th
Uploaded some pictures from Sator's gig in Motala.

April 21st
As you might notice, things look very different that what you might be used to. That is because I'm giving the site an extreme makeover. Expect everything to look messy until I'm done!


August 26th
Upload three pictures from this weekend's rehearsal.

July 25th
You might not have noticed it, but today this site has gone through a major change. There are no more frames! The framebased layout has been the biggest obstacle for improving this website but now when they are gone, I can enter phase 2 of getting this site from "ok" to "great". If you're not sure what I'm talking about (but would like to know), read this article about some of the problems with frames. What's phase 2 then, and what's this pretentious talk about "phases"? Well, I don't know if you've noticed but this website is really crappy code-wise (HTML and CSS). Also, the layout is really old and boring (white text on gray backgound, what was I thinking?). I've wanted to make a complete redesign for years, but especially since I designed the Basement Noise booklet. The site's design should go hand in hand with that of the album, I think. Now, making a new design is one thing. but applying it to framebased tag soup is another. So first thing's first; drop the frames and layout tables, put the content in a database, fix ugly URLs with modrewrite, write semantic HTML and style it with CSS. And make sure the whole shebang validates. Phases, you know?
But one thing I hope you did notice is the saucy Lightbox effects in the picture galleries. Nice huh?
Please send your praise, comment or complaints my way.

April 19th
Updated the biography, Oct 2006 - March 2007.

March 22nd
We've looked over the discography a bit and decided to finally add some missing pieces. So, along with the new DVD, about 12 compilation albums were added. It's mostly promos - nothing with exclusive material. Various other corrections got done too. And I promise - one day the discography will be a lot better, with album covers and tracklists and everything. It might take awhile, that's all. In the meantime, you can always mail us questions.


November 21st
Added the Australian compilation CD "Juice" to the discography. "I wanna go home" is on it.

October 25th
Christmas comes early this year, since we give you four (!) previously unreleased live songs by Sator and Baby Demons. Go look in your Christmas stockings (or in the sounds section).

October 13th
New additions to the biography.

August 30th
Uploaded a new old song today, 1000 punks!

July 1st
Lots of tidying today. The only thing you might notice is that I merged all the news archive pages into one. Handy when searching for something for example.

May 27th
Uploaded the lyrics to Basement Noise.

March 30th
New addition to the biography.

March 29th
As the release of the new album is drawing near, you can now click the big image above to see the final tracklist and album credits (here).


December 31st
Uploaded pictures from the gig at Sälen.
Happy new year to all Sator fans out there!

November 27th
Huge update today! Updated the biography, and uploaded three new songs: Sator, The Wild Kings and a Chips solo track!!

November 4th
Part three of the Basement Noise Studio Reports uploaded today.

July 12th
Well, the summer's and there's not that much going on. Sator has played three out of the four summer gigs. Some live pictures are up, from Hultsfred and from Säter. Also, a bunch of links (new and old) has been added to "in the press". Cheers!

June 1st
Added some missing stuff to the biography. A piece about the recording of an album by Niels Jensen in March 2005.

May 31st
Now there's a bunch of new pictures from the studio in Basement Noise Studio Report part 2, all taken by the one and only Sator roadie Ola.

May 28th
Part two of the Basement Noise Studio Report is up! Read all about how the tracklist is taking shape. Also, the biography is up to date again.

February 21st
Finally, the correct "I'd rather drink than talk" album cover is up in the lyrics-section.

February 14th
Three pics from the gig in Karlstad are up!

February 6th
Added the "in the press"-section, with links to interviews, articles and reviews in online magazine. If you find other links that aren't there, please send them to me. Older stuff will be available in the future in a press archive. Made a new image link to the Basement Noise Studio Report too. Much better. And moved a lot of old news to the archives.

January 30th
Uploaded two pics from the Tranås gig. Read a review here.

January 26th
The biography was updated again, now the last months of 2004 are in there too. Also updated the tour dates archive a bit, and added some stuff that were missing.


December 21st
Got rid of the band and site status sections. They seemed kinda obsolete.

November 29th
Uploaded some pictures from Dalaslaget.

November 1st
Sator has found some forgotten information about the Sator/Freddie Wadling project in 1989. Read all about it in the biography, in Chapter 3 - February 1989. Isn't it nice when pieces of the past reappear like that?

October 28th
Today is the big day! Sator's only concert this year! Some of the new Basement Noise tracks will be tried out live for the first time. The gig is, as you know, on a ferry out on the Baltic Sea.
  I've uploaded some pictures from when the lads rehearsed for this gig.

October 18th
I've had some major hardware problems recently, but now I'm getting my shit together again. A couple of news updates today, but there's not much Sator activity going on at the moment. The band's trying to find the time to get together and finish the last bits and pieces on Basement Noise.

August 21st
Brought the biography up-to-date again. This must be the most up-to-date biography in the world!
I noticed that the tour archive had some missing dates so I fixed that. In the future, there will be a "gigography" with all shows (that's the objective anyway) from the first Sator Codex show up to the present.
  And speaking of shows, I just added a new one, on October 28th. More info to come as it draws nearer.

August 4th
Added the lyrics to the old Nomads song "Dig up the Hatchet" in the lyrics-section. The song was co-written by Chips Kiesbye. We've got a handful more lyrics to add and then they're all there!
   Added the latest three compilations to the discography.
   Cleaned up the start page a bit too, moving old news to the archives.

June 16th
Added The Wild Kings single and a compilation called "Jeans & Summer 2" with a Kent Norberg solo song to the discography. Brought the biography back up to date with the latest 2,5 months.

June 8th
Added a studio report, with the guys' thoughts about the new album, and a short description of each of the 21 songs recorded.

May 19th
Added a huge list of photos from the studio. Click on the Basement Noise status box above.

April 22nd
Added the Basement Noise status box. More info about the studio work to come!

April 6th
To make it easier to search through the biography, I've made a page with all the chapters in one. Handy and faster if you want to see what the biography has to say about a certain person, band, record or song, and don't want to have to open all the chapters in turn.

March 21st
Two more chapters in the biography were uploaded today. This takes us all way to the present. I've called these chapters "The lazy years", though actually they're far from lazy, with tons of side projects, studiowork, strange compilations with a Sator track on them being released, babies being born and even some Sator gigs taking place. But there's not that much Sator work going on, i.e. no new Sator album or tour. The next chapter, which is yet to be written, will contain those though, as the future will tell the tales of the upcoming album Basement Noise being recorded and released, and the gigs following. So stay tuned 'cause the lazy years are over!

March 20th
The complete Barbie-Q-Killers vol. 1 lyrics are up now! Added the nice background image to the site too.

March 05th
New mp3s are up! 4 new extremely rare songs, unavailable anywhere else. Straight from the vault! Check out the sounds-page. Enjoy!

February 16th
Finally a new upload in the biography! Lots of enjoying reading about the lads' whereabouts in the past, taking us all the way up to the summer of 1999 in three new chapters.
   I simplyfied the navigation in the old chapters too. Easier for both you and me.

February 5th
The host of this site had some major problems with a server this weekend so were down for a couple of days (and then replaced by a very old and dysfunctional backup). But now, finally, we can go on with our lives, as the site is up and running again. Just the mp3s and some pictures still missing but they will be up again this week. Why not celebrate this at the Wild Kings show on Tuesday?

January 26th
Just cleaning up the startpage a bit today. Last year's news are now in the News Archive, old site news can be found in the Site News Archive and old tour dates are in the Tour Dates Archive. Small layout improvement too.


December 14th
More pictures! This time it's a set from a Sator concert in Lund on February 19th 1999. These pictures were sent in by the fan Niklas Nilsson. Thanks Nicke! Keep 'em coming guys! Even more pictures to come soon...

December 10th
Uploaded a bunch of pictures from when White Flag + Chips & Kent did their warm-up show for the Greenland festival on September 6th. This small show was done a Pusterviksbaren in Gothenburg, Sweden on September 2nd.

December 7th
I changed the layout on the startpage a bit today. Much better, don't you think? Finally a band picture with Heikki. The band status and site status that used to be at the top gave the site an outdated feel. They can now be found at the bottom. site status was updated today for the first time since the site opened 1,5 years ago. Whopee!

November 9th
A new section is up, titled "The Band". Get to know the Sator lads a little better, and learn about their favourite bands, movies, books and other things.

October 20th
Curiuos about Sator's new bass player? Check out the new Heikki Kiviaho interview, made by long time Sator reporter Roger McScott, exclusively for If you want to know even more, ask Heikki your own questions in the Sator forum.

October 17th
A minor update in the discography. Two compilations added; "Sweden 88" (with Pigvalley Beach) and "Teaching your Bird to Talk" (with No Place to Land).

September 7th
More pictures from the Liseberg concert are up. These are taken by Sator's rodie, Mr. Ola Solving. Thanks Ola!

August 24th
Today is a big day at The lyrics to every single Sator song ever released are available on the website now, plus six unreleased ones and a cover! The last two missing Sator lyrics were uploaded today, "I'm Bugged" and "Long Hot Summer". And as a bonus, you get the lyrics for "If you Could See Me Now" — available for downloading in the sounds-section. And if that wasn't enough, you get the last missing lyrics in the "Songs recorded by others"-section today, as I uploaded four missing lyrics from The Nomads "BigSound 2000" album. Now that section is complete too! We really care about you songbirds out there. Now we'll see what we can do about those "Barbie-Q-Killers" lyrics... Stay tuned.

August 20th
Check out the pictures-section for some nice pics from the show at Liseberg. I have plenty more pictures from that show that are on their way up too. Thanks a lot to those of you who have contributed!

August 4th
The lyrics-section is really on it's way to being totally complete. The lyrics to every single Baby Demons tune ever written is now online! Yep, both of 'em. Baby Demons was, as you might know, Sator's "secret" alias when they wanted to have some fun and play some covers instead of the same old Sator songs all the time, and without any expectations or anything. Tons of covers of songs in the country, 60's style pop and punk vein. But they recorded two super songs of their own though, and they were both released on a split-single with White Flag in 1999. Buy it from Just 4 Fun Records!
"My Baby's Gone Mental" is also available on the Sator tribute album "Guldskivan". And, quite amazingly, "Baby I'm so Lonely" was covered by the great Norwegian powerpop band The Yum Yums, on the Japanese version of their debut album "Sweet as Candy". The song is also available on their compilation "Singles 'n' Stuff".

July 29th
A new section is up, called Pictures. First up is a set of pictures from the gig at the Speedway GP in Gothenburg last summer. Most of the pictures (the good ones) are taken by Sator's rodie, Mr. Ola Solving. The rest are taken by yours truly.
I have lots of more pictures to upload. But 'til then, please send us some of your own Sator pictures! We will put them on the site with your name below them. Surely there must be tons of pics out there. If you don't have them in digital form we'll fix that for you.

July 14th
A brand new category in the lyrics section was uploaded today. It's called "Songs written by Sator members but recorded by other bands" and that title sums it up pretty good.
It features all songs given away to Psychotic Youth plus the Nomads and Hellacopters songs co-written by Chips K. There's also two interesting tracks from the Sator and Sator Codex tribute album "Guldskivan" released in 1996. "Jag Vill Ut" is the very first song Sator Codex wrote (it's in the other bands-section because there isn't a Sator Codex-section). Then there's "Halternative Top". It's a tune written by The Sinners but the lyrics is half "Turn off the News" and half "Halter Top". And it's a great song too! Last is an instrumental (so what's it doing in the lyrics section?) song written for Robert Johnson and Punchdrunks.
I also upload a lyric from "Barbie-Q-Killers vol. 1". Finally, we can all sing along to "Black 'n' White". We still have to wait a bit longer for the rest of the lyrics from BQK1 though.

May 18th
Two old and rare lyrics uploaded in the lyrics section today. "Wonder" was written and demo:ed by Sator for the Stock Rocker Nuts album but never used. It was given to Psychotic Youth who recorded it for their "...Be in the Sun..." album. There's also a demo of the Psychotic Youth version on the Sator tribute album "Guldskivan".
"Love All, Serve All" was recorded along with "Long Hot Summer" for a Diesel Jeans commercial. It was never used and remains unreleased.

May 16th
I have uploaded a text-version of the Discography. There's a lot work with scanning album covers and so on, so the big and pretty discography will last a little longer. I hope the text-version will do until then. It features all Sator, Sator Codex, Baby Demons and Speed of Sound Enterprise releases, or a least 99% of them. There might always be a little error or two. If you find any, please let us know.

May, 14th
Chips has written some info about Too drunk to fuck on the sounds-page. Apparently, it's more correct to label the artist on the song as "Whale featuring members from Sator".
Oh, and don't miss the Sator concert at Liseberg, Gothenburg on August 12th.

March 30th
A section that many of you have been waiting for is up; "Sounds", where you'll be able to download some songs. More sounds to come.
I removed the Chat-link from the top. The Chat can still be reached from the forum.

March 23rd
Really productive today! A brand new section is up, called "Did you know?". It's a collection of funny, interesting or useless information about Sator. This section should be filled with your own information, so please mail me stuff that you think should fit. After verification, your contribution will be up, with your own signature!

March 23rd
I uploaded some old news (1999-2001) from my old unofficial Sator website, "The Pigvalley Page". This section has no pictures and it's accuracy is not 100%. Most information is correct though, and you can always send me an e-mail if you find something hard to believe and want it sorted out. I hope you enjoy the section anyway!

March 23rd
A "site news" section is up! An easy way to see what's new on the site since your last visit, and a way for me to comment and explain on additions. Still, the most recent update will be written at the middle bottom of page.

March 7th
I uploaded all Sator lyrics. A few songs are still missing, (Long Hot Summer, I'm Bugged, some songs recorded by Psychotic Youth etc.) but they will be here eventually. The lyrics to cover songs will not be found here because of copyright reasons. BUT it might be possible to make an exception with Barbie-Q-Killers, since most songs on that one never was officially released. We're looking in to that at the moment.


December 7th
I uploaded a new chapter of the Sator Biography today. This time we take a look at the Stock Rocker Nuts-era. Highly interesting reading.

September 13th
Now there's a chat here at! I will try to set up a date and time when Sator themselves will be there, chatting with you in real-time! They might show up there any time though, as well as myself. I do apologize for the annoying ads and popups.
As you've noticed, two more chapters of the biography are up, and we've come the Slammer!-period. The rest of the story will come, a litte bit at a time.
Concert pictures is next on schedule, and after that we move on to the lyrics. I know many of you are interested in those. In the meantime you can find a whole bunch of Sator-lyrics at this fansite. A very ambitious site indeed! I must warn you that some of the lyrics to b-sides and the Barbie-Q-Killers vol. 1-album a.o. are slightly incorrect.